Bothersome or annoying background noises can significantly harm your video quality. They can also be greatly distracting, especially when you're trying to focus on what's being said in a video. 

Whether it's a subtle hum, traffic sounds, or random ambient noise, it can divert attention from the content's main message and make it difficult to hear and comprehend the primary audio. In some cases, it can even render a video unwatchable, especially in professional or educational contexts.

To address this issue, users can employ background noise remover apps. These applications use advanced algorithms to identify and separate unwanted background noise from the main audio content, resulting in cleaner and more professional sound quality. 

What is Video Background Noise?

Background noise in videos refers to any unintended sound that is present during video recording with a screen recorder. It can include various disturbances like hums, hisses, wind, traffic, conversations, or other environmental sounds. Background noise can significantly affect video quality, as it distracts viewers, diminishes the clarity of the audio, and reduces the overall professionalism of the video.

In order to fix it, you will need to remove background noise from video. You can remove background noise from a video by using a background noise remover application.

Background Noise

Fortunately, there are many apps and software tools available that can help remove or reduce background noise in videos. These tools use advanced algorithms to analyze the audio and distinguish between the primary audio content and unwanted noise. 

With apps to remove background noise from video, users can then adjust settings to reduce or eliminate the background noise, enhancing the overall audio quality. These apps can be a valuable asset for content creators, filmmakers, and video editors looking to enhance the clarity and professionalism of their video's audio.

Moreover, some advanced tools not only remove background noise but also allow users to extract audio from video files, providing additional flexibility for audio editing. This dual functionality makes these apps essential for those seeking precise control over their video's audio elements.

The Impact of Background Noise on Videos

Video Background

Background noise in videos can have a significant impact on the overall quality and effectiveness of the content. Here are some key ways in which background noise affects videos:

1. Audio Clarity: There are many videos with subtle but important sounds, but background noise can completely overshadow them. This reduces the overall audio clarity and can lead to viewer frustration.

2. Professionalism: Videos with prominent background noise may come across as unprofessional or careless. This can hinder the credibility and impact of your content, not only in a business context but also in content creation online.

3. Distraction: Background noise can be distracting and take the viewer's attention away from the main message or visuals of the video. Distracting noises in the video can be especially harmful for education and information-based videos.

4. Viewers' Experience: How well your video is received isn't just dependent on the video quality, but also the audio. Background noise can negatively impact this experience, reducing engagement and potentially leading to viewers abandoning the content before even getting halfway through.

5. Accessibility: Background noise can be especially problematic for individuals with hearing impairments. Clear audio is crucial for accessibility, and background noise can create barriers for these viewers.

By going through the above factors, we can see that the failure in delivering high quality audio can make your entire video fall apart.

How to Remove Background Noise from a Video with AI?

You can easily remove background noise from video online free of cost with certain applications. With that said, we will be using Media.IO for this purpose.

Step 1: Use the link given to Media.IO to access it online. There, you will notice the upload function and other settings or preferences that you can change according to you. 

Media.IO Denoise Page

Step 2: You can either upload the audio or the video file in order to remove background noise from the video. If you do not have any clips with you at the moment, you can simply use the sample clip provided by the website itself. This will allow you to see how the app works at least.

Background Noise Removed

Step 3: The free background noise remover will start working on the clip and present you the original clip versus the enhanced one, which should have the background noise reduced or removed fully. Download the clip using the options given.


1. What's the best app to remove background noise from video?

Due to advancements in video editing technologies and techniques, there are now many applications that you can consider if you want to remove background noise from video free of cost. As such, there isn't really the best app to remove background noise from video, but you can still consider AI video editor apps such as Veed.IO, Media.IO, Kapwing, etc. 

Even if you're inexperienced with video editing and don't really know how to remove background noise from video, you can use these apps and get results. In most cases, you will simply need to upload the clip that you want to denoise and the app will automatically get started. Next, it will produce the result and you can download the enhanced clip.

2. Will the human sound be altered when removing background noise?

When removing background noise from audio in videos, the primary goal is to preserve and enhance the clarity of the human sound, such as speech or voices, while reducing or eliminating unwanted ambient noise. Advanced noise reduction algorithms are designed to distinguish between the desired audio and background noise, ensuring that the human sound remains as natural and unaltered as possible. 

While some minor adjustments might occur, the objective is to maintain the integrity and intelligibility of human sound, resulting in cleaner, more professional audio without distorting the original voice or speech.


It is absolutely crucial to ensure that your audio quality matches the high standards of video quality. Audio is half of the equation and considering how widely videos are used in today's time, it is imperative to have applications in hand which can clean up distracting background noises for you in mere seconds. For further improve video quality to high-resolution, a video quality enhancer is recommended.

This guide can be followed by content creators and video editors who want to ensure that their audio quality is up to the mark. If not, you can refer to the how-to guide shown to remove background noise from video. Overall, these apps use AI technology and make the whole process much easier. 

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