Users need to compress a video when they want to reduce the size of the video file. This process is essential for efficient storage, transmission, and streaming of videos, as uncompressed video files can be impractically large. 

You can compress videos in order to make the bandwidth smoother, leading to better streaming and other video-related features. This is particularly vital in scenarios where limited bandwidth or storage capacity is a concern, such as online video streaming, video conferencing, and multimedia applications. 

With technology and modern apps, you can compress a video without losing quality and you can simply compress videos online as well.

Why Need Lossless Video Compression?

Recording Setup

Video compression is indispensable for professionals in various fields, offering significant advantages in storage, transmission, and processing of visual content. The foremost benefit lies in the reduction of file sizes, allowing for efficient use of storage resources without compromising video quality. 

This is particularly crucial for filmmakers, video editors, and content creators who often deal with large video files. Additionally, video compression plays a pivotal role in facilitating smooth online streaming and video conferencing by minimizing the data size, ensuring a seamless user experience. Professionals in fields like telemedicine, education, and business communication heavily rely on compressed video for effective remote interactions. 

Furthermore, reduced file sizes lead to faster upload and download times, making video content more accessible and shareable. Overall, video compression is an essential tool that enhances workflow efficiency, optimizes resource utilization, and enables professionals to deliver high-quality multimedia content in a variety of applications. For further video quality improving, you can consider using a video quality enhancer or video upscaler. There are such tools free on the market.

How to Compress A Video without Losing Quality? (Free & Paid Tools)

1. Veed.IO

Veed.IO Homepage

Price: $18 per month.

Veed.IO Video Compressor is a user-friendly online tool that streamlines the video compression process. With a simple interface, users can effortlessly reduce file sizes while maintaining video quality. Its key features include support for various video formats, customizable compression settings, and the ability to compress multiple files simultaneously. Veed.IO's Video Compressor is a versatile solution catering to the needs of content creators, businesses, and anyone seeking an efficient way to shrink video files without compromising visual integrity.

Key Features: 

1. Format Compatibility: Veed.IO Video Compressor supports a broad spectrum of video formats, ensuring compatibility with diverse input files.

2. Preview Functionality: A notable feature is the inclusion of a preview option, enabling users to assess the impact of compression on video quality before finalizing the process.

3. Cloud Integration: Veed.IO Video Compressor seamlessly integrates with cloud storage services, allowing users to compress videos directly from platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox.

How to Use:

Step 1: Click on the link to get to the webpage of the video compressor tool. Click on "Compress a video" to proceed.

Veed.IO Upload Page

Step 2: In the Workspace, upload your video and use the settings on the right. Click on "Compress Video" and wait as the tool resizes & compresses the video.

Compress Videos Settings

Step 3: Use the Export option to save the video on your device.

Export Veed.IO Compression

2. VideoSmaller

VideoSmaller Homepage

Price: Free to use.

VideoSmaller is an online video compression tool designed to simplify the process of reducing video file sizes with ease. With a straightforward interface, users can quickly compress their videos without compromising quality. One of its notable features is the simplicity of use. Users can upload videos, choose their preferred compression settings, and obtain compressed files promptly. Additionally, VideoSmaller provides the option to resize videos, offering further flexibility for users aiming to tailor both the file size and dimensions of their content.

Key Features: 

1. Swift Compression: The platform offers a quick compression process, allowing users to promptly receive compressed files.

2. Size and Dimension Control: VideoSmaller enables users to resize videos, providing flexibility in adjusting both file size and dimensions.

3. No Installation Required: As an online tool, VideoSmaller eliminates the need for software installation, allowing direct compression from web browsers.

3. Compress2Go

Compress2Go Homepage

Price: $6.50 per month.

Compress2Go is a free and online video compression tool designed to reduce video file sizes efficiently. This service is particularly useful for individuals looking to share videos via email, messaging apps like WhatsApp, or uploading content to platforms such as YouTube. Users can simply upload their video files in various formats like MP4, MOV, etc. then specify the desired file size within the range of 1 to 4096 MB. The platform is pretty easy to use and users don't have to worry about how to compress a video file.

Key Features: 

1. MP4 Output Format: Compress2Go informs users that all compressed videos will be in the widely supported MP4 format, ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms.

2. Multi-Format Compression: In addition to video compression, Compress2Go provides tools for compressing documents, PDFs, images (PNG and JPG), and creating ZIP files, offering users a comprehensive suite for various compression needs.

3. Online and Free: As an online tool, Compress2Go eliminates the need for downloads or installations. Users can access the service freely, making it a convenient solution for quick video compression

4. Video Candy

VideoCandy Homepage

Price: $8 per month.

VideoCandy presents a streamlined and free Video Compressor, delivering a hassle-free solution to reduce video file sizes with a single click while maintaining optimal quality. Beyond its compression capabilities, VideoCandy stands out as a versatile video editing platform, offering an array of features such as trimming, merging, cropping, resizing, and applying various transformations. The platform goes above and beyond traditional compression tools, incorporating functionalities like a screen recorder, slideshow maker, and video converter. Users can also fine-tune audio, adjust video speed, and experiment with effects like reverse, rotation, looping, and flipping. 

Key Features: 

1. Diverse Editing Tools: VideoCandy includes a range of tools such as a screen recorder, slideshow maker, and video converter, catering to different editing needs and expanding its utility beyond basic compression.

2. Audio Manipulation: Users can fine-tune audio elements, adding flexibility to the editing process and ensuring a well-rounded approach to video customization.

3. Creative Effects: VideoCandy allows users to experiment with creative effects, including reverse, rotation, looping, and flipping, offering unique options to enhance the visual appeal of their videos.

5. OnlineConverter

OnlineConverter Homepage

Price: Free to use.

OnlineConverter's video compression tool provides a user-friendly solution to compress video files and reduce their size effortlessly. The "Desired Video Size" option enables users to specify the target file size, and an intuitive interface guides them through the process. The tool also offers options for audio quality, allowing users to choose from different bitrates or opt for no sound to further optimize file size.

Key Features: 

1. Format Flexibility: OnlineConverter's tool supports a wide range of video formats, ensuring users can compress videos regardless of their original file types.

2. Intuitive Interface: The user-friendly interface simplifies the compression process, making it accessible for users of all levels. The tool guides users through the steps, from selecting a video file to specifying the desired size.

3. Customizable File Size: Users can input their desired video size, and the tool provides an approximation, allowing for precise control over the compression output.


1. How to compress a video on iPhone?

If you want to know how to compress a video for your iPhone, you can use the app here and follow the instructions given. For most mobile apps, however, the steps are pretty similar. You will need to upload your video on the application and let the app compress it. After it is done, you can download the compressed video.

2. How to compress a video for Discord?

To compress videos for Discord, you can try out specific apps made for this requirement. For example, Veed.IO offers a discord video compressor that you can access through the link given. The rest of the procedure works the same. 

You have to upload a video and let the tool work on compressing the video. You have to wait and download the video once it is compressed.


Video compression significantly enhances video content by reducing file sizes while preserving visual quality. This process is essential in scenarios where large video files pose challenges in storage, transmission, or sharing. Online tools and websites now simplify video compression, eliminating the need for users to delve into complex techniques. Whether for efficient uploading on platforms like YouTube, seamless sharing on social media, or optimizing storage on devices, video compression ensures smoother playback and faster data transfer. With user-friendly interfaces and automated processes, individuals can effortlessly enhance their videos without the necessity of mastering compression techniques, making this valuable tool accessible to all.

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